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2. Acupressure is a Complete Therapy

         First and for most basic requirement for getting happiness and for achieving any aim of life is good health. In absence of it required success cannot be obtained. Therefore from the beginning of the development for human civilization efforts are being made by all medical doctors & scientists to find out methods to maintain good health. Although lot of progress is being claimed in this regard, still patients & diseases are increasing at much faster rates.

            In this universe percentage of human population is even less than 1% among all living creature having life & remaining 99% creatures do not get any kind of medical facilities, nor attend any lectures on health but still they are surviving. All the people also do not get required medical assistance due to non - availability of experienced doctors or due to their poorness still many of them cure themselves, whereas some patients are not cured even after getting required medical assistance & care. Secondly several times cure of one disease is developing another diseases &sometimes medicine becomes essential for remaining life of the patients. In fact our body has got very good immunity system to heal & cure itself. Any doctor or medicine can simply assist body in its working & if body do not co-operate they become helpless.

Parameters of good health

            Perfect health means purity & balance of soul, mind & physical body. For achieving the same we should have Right knowledge, Right Faith & Right Conduct. Programming of life & quantum of bio-energy provided with any soul depends upon the strength of associated good or bad karma's with it. Tension free attitude having no attachment or negative emotions represent balance of mind.     

            Tension may be due to poor health & wealth, non-fulfillment of ego & ambition, lack of coordination, co-operation &harmony in family as well as professional field and reputation in public life, mental imbalance developing anger, irritation, artificial conduct, dissatisfaction, grief, sorrow, unhappiness etc. Regular un-success & disregard from our subordinates may also increase tensions.

            Tensions vary with our attachments, emotions, intentions, determinations, feelings, behavior and handling of any situation. These emotions and other causes of unbalance governed and controlled by various hormones produced by Endocrine Glands. By any simple method if these glands can be activated we become courageous, alert, genuine, full of wisdom, cheerful with magnetic personality. Such condition balances our mind & purifies the soul changing our life style.

            For physical balance also our Respiratory, Digestive, Circulatory, Nervous, Muscular, Skeletal, Glandular, Lymphatic, Urinary, Reproductive systems etc. must be balanced, Under such circumstances anybody must have natural appetite, get sound sleep and develop good immunity to fight against any disease, For obtaining such condition continuous availability of fresh air & sunlight, pure water, vegetarian diet and also little exercise is necessary. Also we must follow the law of nature & prevent ourselves from bad habits, negative thoughts & actions.

Causes of Disease

            Disease may be due to  result of our evil Karma's, Heredity, Accidents, Over Medications or wrong Treatment, Negligent attitude in the beginning of illness, bad habits for eating, drinking, living, thinking, acting & behaving against nature. Person's willing for good health must take necessary care against all such things.

Criteria for Good Therapy

            Prevention is better than cure & so any good therapy must have simple means for preventing anybody from all diseases and if it is developed by any reason it must be capable of perfect and correct diagnosis at initial stage, even though symptoms of disease are not reflect out. Treatment must be simple & quickest, having no side effects; system must be available for everybody, at everywhere and at all the time. Therapy must be cheaper and must have capacity to cure root cause of any kind of diseases, whether spiritual, mental or physical without giving any trouble to other living creatures. Only after comparing these parameters, effectiveness of any therapy can be justified. Simply by suppressing disease and giving temporary relief may invite more serious conditions at later stage.

Principles of Reflexology/ Sujok Acupressure

            According to this therapy balance at body.Mind& soul can be maintained by pressing specific points of sole or palm of body. Su means hand and Jok means leg. As per this therapy sole and palm of the body represent total body. So if Acupressure treatment is done in sole or palm it is called Sujok Acupressure. Similarly as per the Reflexology also if the treatment is carried out in palms it is called Hand Reflexology and if pressure is applied at soles of feet it is termed as Foot Reflexology. Both therapies  works on the principle that all the nerve ends are situated at soles and palms in body. Due to continuous flow of bio-energy, blood and other fluids etc. inside the body, certain unwanted material called toxins get deposited at these nerve ends which will restrict the flow of bio-energy to concerning organ.

            The prevention of disease & treatment are very simple, cheap, having, no side effect and can be done at any place, anywhere, and at any time without depending on any doctor or equipment. Everybody can learn and do such treatment irrespective of age, education and through knowledge of human body; just like to operate switch of any light or fan anybody need not to know who has invented electricity? From where it is coming? At what voltage, current and frequency it is working? Simply by knowing the particular switch anyone can put on fan or light.

            Similarly, Simply by simulating tender points in soles and palms and removing unwanted toxin deposited at-those tender points on soles or palms, tenderness disappears and flow of life forces start flowing smoothly, so disease is disappeared. Thus it is the simplest and safest method for preventing any disease.

            In this degree of tenderness in sole or palm represent the degree of sickness. More the tenderness or tender points, disease is chronicle or old. Less tenderness or less tender points means diseases are within control or represent hidden diseases which has not been reflected out. Since sole and palm are God made and therefore no chances of human error is possible. Diagnosis done by this method is simple, perfect and correct. Diagnosis can be done without asking anything from patient simply by looking, feeling on his face, while pressing points on sole or palm; we can know degree of tenderness. This is important because many patients are not in a position to express their symptoms or feeling properly even though they can be thoroughly examined. Working of Endocrine Glands which produce various types of required hormones in the body and control not only physical activities but also govern all emotional activities and represents purity of soul and mind.Thus by simulating reflex points of glands on sole and palm. Soul and mind can also be activated; negative thoughts, tensions, irritation, fear impatience and bad habits can be changed. Such diagnosis and treatment is not so simple in other therapies.

            Diagnosis in modern allopath which totally depend on pathological test varies with emotional changes and therefore it cannot be correct and perfect. Condition of tension, fear, anger, negative thoughts although changes human pathology but they cannot be diagnosed, so easily and therefore any treatment based on those conclusion cannot be considered as perfect.

            Human body works with full co-ordination, co-operation and harmony. If we prick a pin at any place of body complete body respond to it, eyes start weeping, mouth start crying and our total attention is diverted on that particular spot. This indicates smallest part of body is having relation with remaining body. So malfunction in any part can create imbalance in any other parts but this imbalance created is always not the same and reflected out. Some is great enough to create illness while effect of others can be visualized by experience.

            Therefore, while treating any patient we have to consider body as whole. The modern allopathic approach of treatment is to consider any organ individually. An eye expert overlooks effects of eyes with rest of the body. Similarly other specialized doctors of ears, teeth, nose etc. emphasis on the treatment of that particular organ only and therefore such treatment are followed by side effects and cannot bring body to complete equilibrium. Their work is similar to suppress or remove leaders rather than removing the root or indirect causes. They treat the symptoms and not patients.

            Therefore, while doing treatment through Reflexology or Sujok we must check all tender points which form the family of projected disease although sign of many diseases are not seen. Thus by treating indirect and hidden diseases by this approach total family of disease is cured including Endocrine Glands, as well as Central Nervous System. They contribute more than 75% root causes of all diseases which are not curable easily in most of the other therapies, thus all diseases can be rooted out completely by this therapy.

            Reflexology or Sujok, which are the branches of Acupressure only have perfect diagnosis, preventive, curative and are capable for spiritual, mental and physical balance of body. Therefore it is a complete therapy and good health can be maintained by using the same regularly in treating all kinds of diseases.

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