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4. Oil Therapy - A unique remedy for blood circulation

          Blood is the main source of vital force in the body. Therefore, the resistance power of body increases with blood purification. Blood impurities are one of the main reasons of many diseases & so if they can be separated from the blood such diseases can be cured promptly. Sunflower oil can be used in a particular way for this purpose. Modern doctors advise patients of blood pressure & heart disease to use sunflower oil instead of Ghee because it is easy to digest & also does not increases cholesterol, Also it contain vitamin A,D&E in required quantity. According to Ayurveda the sun flower oil is Cough & Vat resistant, cures skin diseases, eczema, leprosy etc.

            What is Oil Gandus? The process of revolving oil in the mouth is called Oil Gandus. Sunflower oil can separate impurities from blood by simple process of oil Gandus.

            Russian Dr. Karach has also confirmed benefits of Gandus by sunflower Oil in international conference on cancer held in New York in 1991. He made experiment on hundreds of patients. According to him surprising results appear. It cured Headache, Asthama, Blood Pressure, Heart Attack, Paralysis, Kidney failure, Intestine diseases, Skin; Teeth & Blood related various diseases. He found that through this simple process spreading of all kinds of cancer diseases including blood cancer can be cured, with in six months through regular & continuous practice of Gandus with sunflower oil. Purification of blood, through oil Gandus is the mainly responsible for all such treatments.

            One cycle of blood circulation in the whole body takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Face, tongue & teeth are having direct relations with whole body & therefore, many doctors diagnose simply by looking face or tongue etc. Take one tea spoon of pure sunflower oil in mouth & revolve inside mouth for twenty minutes. All the muscles of face become active. Also when the blood flows through mouth nerves, the oil attract the impurities present in blood just like magnet attract iron & thus helps in blood purification. 

            The teeth have direct relation especially with all the bones of body therefore. Oil Gandus is beneficial for treatment of all kinds of joints pain & bone problems. This process is also helpful in curing diseases related to thyroid gland and throat problems. Also oil Gandus improve appearance of face, voice get improved, cracked lips, loose teeth & other types of teeth pain also get cured and voice get improved through this simple procedure.

            In this therapy the diagnosis of diseases is not required. If a healthy person practices oil Gandus regularly the possibilities of occurrences of any disease will be reduced to minimum. Therefore, healthy &unhealthy both persons will be benefited by oil Gandus.

            The patients suffering from high or low blood pressure, heart or kidney diseases, skin problems or any kind of blood problems should practice oil Gandus twice or thrice a day. Surprisingly results start coming with in few days. Oil Gandus is to be done preferably with empty stomach or before taking any meal otherwise, vomiting may occur. After 20 minutes of Gandus process oil become poisonous, After Gandus wherever oil is to spitted, must be cleaned properly otherwise any insect attracted by its smell may die due to use of this impure oil in ignorance. Also wash your teeth & tongue properly.

            Oil Gandus is very simple, easy, cheap, self possessed, non-violent, harmless, effective & beneficial to treat all diseases.

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